Franchise Wholesale

E-2 Visa & Partner Program

Franchise Wholesale is offering a new and
innovative E-2 Visa Partner Program

Treaty Investor (E-2) Visa Program

  • Intended to promote economic ties between treaty countries, as well as positive economic impact in the U.S.
  • Investors in U.S. businesses are granted a nonimmigrant E-2 visa.
  • Spouses and dependent children also receive a Visa.
  • The investment and the business enterprise must satisfy several criteria.

E-2 Visa Requirements

  • Nationality.
  • Investment must be substantial.
  • Investment must be in a real, operating enterprise.
  • Investor must have control of the funds, the investment must be “at-risk”.
  • Investor must have a controlling interest and intend to develop and direct the enterprise.
  • Enterprise must be more than marginal.

Franchise Wholesale Partner Program

Franchise Wholesale is offering a new and innovative E-2 Visa Partner Program

By partnering with a U.S. citizen or an already established U.S. business, (in this case an established Franchise brand) foreign investors and aspiring business owners can overcome the major hurdles, barriers, and complexities of the standard E-2 Visa Process.
Our program was designed to dramatically decrease the time it takes to be awarded an E-2 Visa while giving foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire a fully operational and profitable Franchise business.

Franchise Wholesale E-2 Partner Program Highlights

  • The U.S. Partner (Partner) will form, establish, and create the business.
  • The Partner will complete all the major requirements and tasks from the FRANCHISOR to obtain the desired Franchise.
  • The Partner will also be the signor for the purchase of the Franchise.
  • The Partner will complete all the required training and education to successfully operate the Franchise Business.
  • If the Franchise requires a physical location, with the E-2 Candidate’s consent, the Partner will negotiate and acquire a lease or purchase a location on behalf of the E-2 Candidate.
  • The Partner will then run and operate the business on behalf of the E-2 Candidate until Visa is issued and the Candidate arrives in the country to take over the Franchise Business.

The Franchise Buy Out and Transition

After the Franchise business has been established and the E-2 Visa has been awarded to the Candidate, the Candidate will now have the First Right of Refusal to buy out the Partner and relieve them from the business. The buy out amount will be a predetermined and contractually agreed upon amount which will also include the Partner’s fee for their service.