Franchise Wholesale

Franchise Opportunities

Franchise types vary greatly and the opportunities are immense. While there are different types of franchises, the basics of why franchises ownership is so attractive is the same for each and every franchise.


For decades now, franchising has offered individuals a chance at the American Dream. Whether in response to a dead-end corporate job, fear of being laid off or downsized, or simply in response to the entrepreneurial pull that burns in so many of us, generations of Americans have turned to franchising for the independence and financial fulfillment it provides.

Studies have shown that franchised businesses enjoy a success rate up to three times greater than independent businesses, because franchising provides greater business advantages, such as training and support, group purchasing power, advertising clout, and brand strength.

As a franchisee, you purchase the rights to use a brand or name in a given location or area. Your job is to open and operate that franchise unit to the best of your ability.

A Proven System

One of the key beauties of franchising is that you can remain independent while you tap into a proven, well-oiled business machine and all that it offers. There’s no need for you to create a product or service, no need for a proprietary business plan, and in most cases, no need to initiate marketing and advertising plans. The franchisor has already done all the work for you. And successful franchise concepts have been tried, tested, and tweaked to perfection — and are backed by money, management, infrastructure, and an effective distribution system. What works on the East Coast will work on the West Coast — and everywhere in between.

Additionally, proven franchise systems come in all shapes and sizes and offer all kinds of business opportunities. Franchising today does not just mean McDonald’s or Burger King. Today there are hundreds of food, retail, and service-oriented franchise businesses to serve nearly every consumer niche out there, with new ones springing up every day. By working with us, you can find successful franchises in standalone locations, shopping malls (some in smaller kiosk-style units), strip centers, mobile trucks and vans, and even home offices. It’s easy to find a franchise that fits your needs.

Joining a successful franchise means following the rules of that system, but that’s the point. The wheel’s already been invented. All you have to do is buy in and you’re ready to grow.

Established Brand Awareness

Everyone knows what the McDonald’s logo looks like and what the “Golden Arches” represent. No matter where you go in the world, if you set foot inside a McDonald’s you can order a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder and know exactly what it’s going to taste like. Established brand awareness, reliability, and uniformity are part of the power of franchising.

Imagine the time and capital needed to create awareness for an independent, start-up brand. It would be a huge and expensive undertaking. An established franchise brand already is well-known and provides each new franchisee a market presence that is recognizable locally, nationally, and globally.

Established, successful franchisors will prepare and pay for the development of professional advertising campaigns at the national, regional, and local levels — a practice that benefits all the franchisees in the system and builds the brand.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us to purchase your franchise is the marketing program, so keep that in mind as you make your broker selection.

From a competitive standpoint, working through us provides you with market penetration and brand awareness. As additional franchised or company-owned locations are opened in your region (and throughout the world), the brand’s name recognition increases — further enhancing the value of each franchised unit.

Economies of Scale

The economies of scale created by the franchisor are available to all franchisees. That’s something that you won’t find when starting your own business, perhaps ever. There’s power in numbers.

So how do these economies of scale benefit you, the franchisee? To begin with, a franchisee can typically purchase goods and supplies through the franchisor at a discounted rate — everything from cleaning supplies and uniforms to food products and ingredients. Franchisors that purchase products and services for their franchise network have the ability to negotiate significant volume discounts from vendors/suppliers. The end result is a competitive advantage that results in higher operating margins for each franchisee.

And when you become a franchisee, you are allowed immediate access to a peer group of franchisees across the country. Experienced franchisees have faced the same problems and questions that you will face for the first time as a new franchisee. Since every successful franchise unit helps the brand to grow as a whole, most “veteran” franchisees are happy to share how they’ve handled those issues, and give you solutions and advice on avoiding beginners’ mistakes.

This all starts with your first steps.

Simply reach out to us today and let’s start working towards helping you establish your dream of independence through franchise ownership.